Lower power system developed for optical 3D measuring machines

Since the introduction of optical 3D measuring machines that can scan large items, such as vehicles, smaller 3D scanners are now entering the market. These can measure and inspect small items accurately and operate in areas that are in restricted spaces. Less power is required for these products to function.
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Introducing single phase 6A to 30A EMC filters – the RSEV series

TDK-Lambda’s new RSEV series of 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A and 30A, 250Vac/250Vdc rated EMC filters is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and medical applications and backed by a 5-year warranty.

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How is the US 277Vac input voltage derived and why is it used?

The most commonly used voltage in the US is 115/120Vac to supply households and commercial facilities. For residential properties two-phase 208Vac (phase to phase) or 240Vac (via a distribution transformer) is available for those users that require higher power for electric dryers, air conditioning and electric ovens. 208Vac three-phase is commonly used in commercial and light industrial facilities. continue reading »


1500W power supplies provide 12Vdc to keep vehicle refrigeration unit running


Supermarket delivery vans are now commonplace in towns and cities. To keep frozen or chilled products cool, internal refrigeration units are required. Normally they are driven directly from the engine, but for vehicles that can be stationary for long periods of time, like at a venue, an AC generator is used for power. This requires an AC-DC power supply to provide 12V to the refrigeration unit.

Requiring a 12V 1500W AC-DC power supply, a manufacturer of vehicle refrigeration units picked the TDK-Lambda RWS1500B-12. The availability of in-stock inventory was cited as the primary reason for selection. The cost effective RWS-B series also has a 7-year product warranty and a compact 127 x 63 x 261mm size.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of 1000W+ AC-DC power supplies for industrial and general purpose applications, click for more information.


Introducing the GENESYS+™ 5kW 1U programmable power supply

Supplied with a 5-year warranty, the new GENESYS+™ programmable power supply can deliver power ratings up to 5200W, with the highest power density and lightest weight (<7.5kg) available in a 1U rack size. The series addresses a very broad market, including component, aerospace and automotive testing, semiconductor fabrication, water treatment, plating and solar array simulation.

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Power supply manufacturer employee celebrates 50 years of working at the company

TDK Corporation is pleased to announce that on 12th February this year, TDK-Lambda UK honoured the extraordinary celebration of an employee’s 50th anniversary with the company.

From left to right: Clive Davies, Manufacturing Engineering IT & Facilities Manager, Phil Scotcher, General Manager, Vic Gubb, Senior Industrial Engineer with Lis Gillingham, HR Manager

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Replacing an isolated 1/16th or 1/32nd footprint DC-DC converter with the i6A and i3A non-isolated converters

Some Distributed Power Architectures (DPAs) utilise 1/16th and 1/32nd “brick” package isolated DC DC converters to step down a 24V or 48V DC source to produce 3.3V, 5V or 12V output voltages. This can be used to drive high performance Point of Load DC-DC converters capable of responding rapidly to high transient loading from FPGAs, or other devices requiring similar voltages. continue reading »


Convection and conduction cooled power supplies have up to 206W peak power capability

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand CUS200LD series of AC-DC power supplies. Rated at up to 120W with convection cooling and 150W when mounted on an aluminium baseplate for conduction cooling, the series can deliver up to 206W for 10 seconds. The CUS200LD has been designed for reliable performance in LED signage applications, as well as industrial, broadcast, test, measurement and communication equipment.

The series accepts a wide range 85 to 265Vac input, and is initially being launched with 5V, 7.5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V outputs. The CUS200LD is packaged in a compact low profile enclosure measuring 160 x 60 x 31mm (L x W x H). All models will start up at -40°C and can operate in ambient temperatures from -20 to +70°C, derating from +45°C (conduction cooling) to 40% load at 70°C.

Safety certification is to the IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 standards with CE marking for the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives. The units also comply with EN 55011-B and EN 55032-B conducted and radiated emissions, and meet the EN 61000-3-2 harmonics and IEC 61000-4 immunity standards.

For more information about the CUS200LD series of AC-DC power supplies please visit the TDK-Lambda website at: www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/cus200ld


Low electrical noise power supplies selected for CT scanner

A CT (Computed Tomography) scan can provide more information about internal organs to a healthcare professional than a conventional X-Ray. Deflectors receive data as the X-Ray tube is rapidly rotated around the patient and from which powerful computers can generate high resolution images. Due to the sensitivity of the images, power supply output noise has to be kept at a minimum, which requires specialised knowledge. continue reading »


Convection cooled modular power supply offers up to 4 outputs for medical and industrial use

Available with up to 4 programmable outputs, the CM4 conduction cooled modular power supply is rated at 600W and up to 750W peak power for 5 seconds. The CM4 may also be configured as convection or forced air cooled.

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