What you need to know when transitioning from the CSS65 to the new CSS65A

The TDK-Lambda CSS65 series of 65W 2”x4” power supplies was first launched in 2009 and now, in 2017, the newly developed CSS65A is replacing the older series.

Since 2009, new energy saving regulations have been introduced in the EU (Code of Conduct Tier 2) and the US (DOE Level VI), reducing allowable off-load power consumption and increasing average efficiency targets. Although these standards are primarily for external power supplies, many customers require their internal power supply to conform to these new requirements. Power supply manufacturers have had to modify their power supply designs to include new techniques and components to reduce waste energy. Additionally, operation at higher altitudes is now being demanded (driven primarily by China) and medical equipment for home healthcare is required to meet tougher immunity and voltage dip testing. continue reading »


Programmable power supplies run electroluminescent lamps to test solar panels

genesys 1U

Solar panels are tested to identify defects and measure their output capability, which can deteriorate with age. Electroluminescent lamps (EL) are used to simulate sunlight and the level of light can be controlled by the amount of current passed through them. continue reading »


What is power supply slew rate and can it be programmed?

Slew rate is defined as rate of change of voltage or current in a period of time. It is a frequently used term in operational amplifier specifications, but it also applicable when discussing programmable power supplies.

Figure 1: Typical battery voltage profile for “cold crank”

When performing repetitive production testing on say a vehicle engine management system, many manufacturers will perform full function testing at multiple input voltages to simulate varying battery conditions. For an automobile that battery range is typically 9V to 16V, but may drop down to 3V when the engine is first started in cold ambient conditions (cold-crank). Figure 1 shows a typical battery voltage profile under that condition. continue reading »


Introducing the KAS series of wide input range, 2 and 4W encapsulated AC-DC power supplies

Designed to meet the household requirements of IEC/EN 60335-1, the KAS series of wide input range AC-DC power supplies is suitable for both domestic and industrial applications. This video reviews the performance and applications of these encapsulated board mounted power supplies, which do not need a ground connection and are available in 2W or 4W power levels. The KAS series provides an off-load power consumption less than 0.3W and Class B EMC performance.

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Low noise Modular power supply assists digital pathology

Digital pathology converts the delicate glass sample slides into digital slides through the use of scanning for electronic storage. This allows records to be permanently archived or analysis to be performed remotely by teams of dedicated, trained pathologists.

Electrical noise from the scanner power supply can reduce the clarity of images. Concerned about this, a manufacturer of pathology scanners approached TDK-Lambda for recommendations regarding a high power multiple output power supply. A sample of the new QM7 modular series was quickly shipped, and the customer was impressed by the low electrical (and acoustic) noise. The QM’s 7-year warranty was also a factor in their decision.

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The benefits of using non-isolated DC-DC converters

The DC power requirement for electronic industrial equipment often consists of a 24V high power output and a number of lower power, lower voltages. Traditionally these requirements have been achieved by a number of power architectures, depending upon the amount of system power required.

For applications requiring low power, 300W or less, a standard multiple output power supply is usually selected. Dual, triple and quad versions can be purchased off-the-shelf at cost effective prices. Models with a wide combination of 5V, +/-12, +/-15V and 24V outputs are available.


For mid to high power requirements, 350W to 1500W, modular or configurable power supplies are often chosen. Here a high power 24V module can be selected and the desired combination of other voltages satisfied by single or dual output modules. These build-to-order power supplies are available with short lead-times as they are assembled using pre-built assemblies. TDK-Lambda’s NV, Vega or Alpha series are examples of these types of power supplies, featuring wide range adjustable outputs for non-standard voltages. For convenience all connections can be made to one package with integrated fan cooling. continue reading »


Reducing Audible Noise from Power Supplies

Noise can be described as ‘unwanted sound’ and environmental noise is usually just part of normal everyday life. One source of such noise is that created by cooling fans on AC-DC power supplies.

The use of fans to cool electronic equipment has become increasingly widespread due to ongoing demands for miniaturisation. Convection cooling is ideal but usually increases the size of the product, and because air still needs to circulate around the product, there are restrictions. For example, additional derating is needed, and thermal hotspots can occur, leading to a reduction in component life, particularly with electrolytic capacitors. When convection cooled power supplies are used within a rack, there is often insufficient naturally circulated cooling air (a good rule of thumb is to allow 50mm space around the product to allow the hot air to rise and the cooler air to come in from the sides). continue reading »


Introducing iFB 600W full brick DC-DC converters

This video reviews the performance and applications of the iFB series of DC-DC converters. Packaged in the industry standard full brick footprint, the iFB has operating efficiencies of up to 94%, operates over a 36-75Vdc input and is available with 9.6V or 12V outputs for driving non-isolated Point of Load DC-DC converters. Output adjustment is -40 to +10% of nominal and the units have an isolated remote on/off function.

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How does higher efficiency facilitate integration of PFE1000FA power modules?

The higher efficiency of the new PFE1000FA series of AC-DC power modules reduces dissipated power and has a direct impact on cooling requirements. With 1m/s airflow, heat sink size can be reduced by up to 47%.

System integration is made simpler with reduced airflow (resulting in lower audible noise), reduced heat sink size or allowing higher temperature operation.

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Cost-effective, long operating life power supply chosen for use in catering equipment


Searching for a small, cost-effective power supply to provide power for a motorised deep fat fryer, designers of a new range of catering equipment chose a 300W, 24V output model from TDK-Lambda’s new RWS-B series. Measuring just 102 x 41 x 170mm, this industrial grade product has conservatively rated capacitors to ensure a 10-year field life and is backed by a 7-year warranty.


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