Can I replace an isolated 1/16th brick DC-DC converter with an i6A non-isolated converter?

The i6A non-isolated DC-DC converter has the same 1/16th brick footprint as the isolated device in the same format, and is therefore a drop-in replacement. This video explains when a non-isolated device can be used.

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2 x 3” power supplies control energy efficient air conditioning units

Retail outlets, offices and showrooms often have their doors ajar during opening times to attract customers, presenting a challenge during the summer to avoid cold air leaving the building. Air curtain technology is now being used to direct and control the chilled air to maintain customer and employee comfort, while reducing energy costs. continue reading »


How to generate high power using the low cost, high efficiency i6A series DC-DC converter

The i6A series of step-down, non-isolated DC-DC converters provides a low cost, high efficiency method for generating high power output. From an input voltage of between 9 and 53Vdc, the outputs have wide range adjustment from 3.3V to 40V with output power between 75 and 250W. This flexibility enables the series to address the requirements of multiple applications, in particular those within medical, communications, industrial, test and measurement, broadcast and portable equipment.

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Why the convection cooled CUS150M AC-DC power supply likes it hot

The new CUS150M series of 150W convection-cooled medical (IEC60601-1) and industrial (IEC60950-1) power supplies operates in temperatures up to 80°C without the need for forced air cooling. Target applications include use in home healthcare, medical, dental, test and measurement, broadcast and industrial equipment.

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Peak power, quiet power supplies picked for orthopedic therapy equipment

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) involves the use of high amplitude, high speed energy waves applied to the skin for physical and orthopaedic therapy. It is an effective alternate treatment to surgery reducing pain and promoting faster healing. continue reading »


How the XMS500 configurable power supply differentiates itself from the rest

Introducing the new 500W, single output XMS500 AC-DC configurable power supply, which is available in either class I or class II configurations. Both versions achieve class B EMC performance (conducted and radiated) to EN55011 and EN55032.

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600W medical and industrial certified modular power supplies offer conduction cooling capability

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda CM4 series of modular AC DC power supplies, designed for operation with conduction, convection or system air cooling. The advantages of conduction cooling include no fan generated audible noise or vibration and the ability to transfer heat to the system enclosure or cold-plate. With both medical and industrial safety certifications, the series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including medical equipment, test and measurement, broadcast, communications and COTS applications.

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High quality programmable power supplies chosen to test Battery Management Systems

genesys 1U

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are essential for automotive applications to ensure that critical functions, including charge and discharge control, cell monitoring and battery safety are performed correctly. Testing of the BMS is essential to optimise control algorithms and to ensure long-term reliability. continue reading »


High efficiency 500W power supply uses system airflow in smart grid battery chargers

GWS series 500W Power Supplies

Battery systems have been used in conjunction with solar panels to store energy for night use or during cloudy intervals for a number of years. This has now been extended to allow residential users to take advantage of low tariff off-peak electricity. The battery is charged during the cheap rate and used to generate electricity at peak tariff periods, saving the user money. continue reading »


Introducing the CUS30M and CUS60M single output medical and ITE power supplies

With outputs ranging from 5V to 48V, the CUS30M and CUS60M AC-DC power supplies have IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical and IEC60950-1 ITE safety approvals and are compliant with EN60601-1-2:2015 Edition 4 immunity requirements. Rated at 30W and 60W, they meet class B conducted and radiated EMI in either a Class I or Class II (double insulated) construction, without the need for external filtering. This flexibility allows the products to be used in a wide range of applications, including home healthcare, medical, dental, test and measurement, broadcast and industrial equipment. continue reading »