200-300W, 43 to 160V Input DC-DC Converters

The rugged half brick 200W and 300W CN-B110 series of isolated DC-DC converters operate from a very wide 43 to 160V input. With an input to baseplate isolation of 2,500Vac and 3,000Vac input to output, the series is designed for use on 72V or 110V nominal input rail power systems. In addition, the baseplate cooled modules meet the rolling stock IEC 61373 Category 1, Class B shock / vibration standards and are designed to meet EN 45545-2 (Fire protection on railway vehicles). As standard the CN-B110 series features active current share for parallel or redundant operation, remote sense, remote on/off, output voltage adjustment and a power good signal. An optional 12V 0.01A auxiliary voltage, replacing the power good signal, is also available.

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