45kW 385V rack mount power supply

The TPF45000-385 non-isolated AC-DC power supply was developed for use in distributed power architectures (DPA). The 98% efficient, 45kW rated TPF45000 provides a regulated 385Vdc output with an output current of up to 117A.  The very low internal losses enable the use of cooling by fans, avoiding the complexity of water cooling.

This industrial grade product can be used in semiconductor test and burn in systems, replacing multiple traditional AC-DC power supplies driving 48V input DC-DC converters at localized load points. High current bus bars are no longer required when utilizing the TPF’s 380V output, which provides power to similar DC-DC converters accepting 200-420Vdc inputs.

The series can deliver up to 45kW of output power in a less than 3U high package and operates from a wide range Delta or Wye 360 – 528Vac three phase input. The unit can operate at full load in ambient temperatures from -10 to 50oC (-20oC start-up).  The enclosure measures 450mm wide (excluding side rack mount flanges) 113mm high and has a depth of 533mm. The weight of the product is 30kg.

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