12V, 15V and 24V 20A Buffer (Hold-Up) Modules

ZBM20 modules are ideal for providing short term hold-up or peak power for loads connected to 12, 15 or 24Vdc AC-DC power supplies. They can supply an additional 380ms hold-up at up to 448W.

During normal operation, energy is stored in the ZBM20’s electrolytic capacitors. When the AC power is interrupted for a short period of time, the ZBM20 continues to power the load, allowing equipment to shut-down in a safe and controlled manner. The ZBM20-24 can be set to fixed or variable buffer mode. In fixed mode it will provide power when the input voltage drops to 22.4V, in variable mode when the input decreases by 1V. Multiple buffer modules can be paralleled for additional hold-up time. Product status can be accessed remotely via a DC OK relay, or opto-coupled signals. The output voltage can also be inhibited to avoid an unsafe discharge of the stored energy.

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