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Half brick converters for industrial and railway applications

Posted by David on January 6, 2023

The CN-B baseplate-cooled DC-DC converters are certified to IEC 62368-1 and meet the rolling stock IEC 61373 Category 1, Class B shock/vibration standards. Additionally, the series is designed to meet EN 45545-2 (fire protection on railway vehicles).

The input to output isolation is 3000Vac, and the input to baseplate is 2500Vac to withstand the surge voltages present on electrified trains. Minimal derating is required at high temperatures for more useable power.

Both the 200W and 300W models have a wide 43 to 160Vdc input range, and can operate with baseplate temperatures between -40 and +100°C. The series has the industry standard half-brick pin out and up to 11 units can be connected in parallel for higher power requirements.

Key applications include railway rolling stock and industrial equipment requiring battery backup.

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