Introducing the i3A Series of 100W, Non-isolated DC-DC Converters

The i3A series of non-isolated, DC-DC converters is ideal for creating additional mid-current output voltages from a single output 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V AC-DC power supply. These 100W step-down converters can accept a wide 9 to 53Vdc input and deliver wide adjustable output voltages of 3.3 to 16.5V at up to 8A or 5 to 30V at up to 4.5A.

The remote sense feature is available to tightly regulate the unit’s output voltage at the load during a voltage drop. Optional functions include synchronisation and sequencing, power good and positive logic on/off. continue reading »


Which high voltage DC-DC converter provides isolated 24V for large UPS


An Uninterruptible Power Supply provides emergency power for electrical equipment in the event of a utility mains failure. They are typically used to keep data centres, communication equipment and fire/burglar alarm systems running during an unexpected power disruption this avoiding a serious business disruption or vulnerability. continue reading »


How programmable power supplies are being used to test heating and cooling systems for electric cars

Electric and hybrid vehicles use high voltage batteries in the range of 300 to 400Vdc to power the motor. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, an electric heater has to be fitted as there is no engine water cooling system. An air conditioning unit also has to be installed. Both of these are fed from the high voltage battery. continue reading »


South-west power supply manufacturer receives national recognition for supporting local STEM initiatives

TDK Corporation is pleased to announce that TDK-Lambda UK has been shortlisted for this year’s British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) under the Engineering Ambassador of the Year category. Organised by the nationally renowned electronics publication, New Electronics, and its engineering counterpart, Eureka, the BEEAs celebrate the very best in British engineering. The awards event will take place at The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), London, on Thursday 5th October 2017.

“As a design and manufacturing enterprise based in North Devon, some distance from large cities and universities, attracting and retaining sufficient engineering talent can often be difficult,” says Tim Puttick, Operations and Environmental Compliance Manager for TDK-Lambda UK, who has been involved with promoting many STEM initiatives in local schools, colleges and universities for a number of years.

Engineering and management staff across all areas of the business regularly give their time to get involved with the wide range of STEM initiatives TDK-Lambda supports. Working closely with a range of organisations, the UK manufacturer actively supports and encourages young people to develop valuable technical skills throughout their studies to enhance their future career.

“We first started supporting young people in STEM programmes in 2013,” explains Puttick. The Engineering Education Scheme (EES), which is a programme run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT), links teams of A-Level students with local companies to work on STEM projects/problems. TDK-Lambda supported Blundells School in Tiverton on a project to design and build a wind tunnel with air speed and air temperature control.

On average, TDK-Lambda estimates that the number of young people it works directly with is around 300 a year. The company works with seven schools/colleges/universities on various events, programmes and projects through each year.

Young Enterprise scheme – mentor support for a team of students at Ilfracombe Academy running their own business over a 12-month period.

The company is also involved with a new undergraduate sponsorship scheme, in collaboration with other members of the NDMA (North Devon Manufacturers Association), including Parker Hannifin and Eaton Aerospace. The undergraduate sponsorship scheme enables A-Level students to receive financial support towards tuition fees when they go on to study STEM-related degrees, in addition to ongoing mentoring. Successful graduates are also guaranteed jobs with their sponsor. “Over time, we believe this will result in greater talent retention in the region,” concludes Puttick.

TDK-Lambda has 25 employees engaged in STEM/School activities, with five STEM Ambassadors, and expects that more STEM Ambassadors will join the scheme in the future.



2400W programmable power supply for automotive electric motor testing

genesys 1U

The DC battery voltage in a vehicle can vary over a wide range, normally 9 to 16V, but under cold start conditions it can go as low as 3V. Electrical and electronics assemblies used in automotive applications have to be thoroughly tested to ensure they will operate reliably and safely. continue reading »


Popular RWS-B series extended to include 1000W and 1500W models with medical safety certifications

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of medically certified RWS1000B/ME and RWS1500B/ME series of 1000 to 1500W AC-DC power supplies, further extending TDK Lambda’s 7-year warranty 50 to 1500W RWS-B range. These new models are targeted at medical, cosmetic laser treatment and scientific equipment requiring less than 300µA earth leakage current.

All RWS-B models operate from a wide-range input of 85 to 265Vac. The high power medical RWS-B series can operate in ambient temperatures of -20 to +60°C, derating linearly above 50°C to 60% load at 60°C. The units are available with 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V and 48V outputs, adjustable by -15/+10% to accommodate non-standard voltages. continue reading »


Introducing the CSS65A Series of 65W Single-output Medical AC-DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda presents a short video that shows the key features of the CSS65A series of 65W medical AC-DC power supplies.

Tested to EN60601-1-2 4th edition, they feature an input to output isolation of 4kVac (2 x MOPPs) and earth leakage current of <100µA. continue reading »


Why were programmable power supplies used in a Hardware-in-the-Loop tester?


The complexity of electronics used in vehicles continues to grow, driven by the need for enhanced safety and reduction in emissions. This has created a requirement to provide thorough but flexible test systems to ensure reliability and performance objectives are met. One such method is to use Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) techniques to reduce development testing times. continue reading »


Industrial grade 120W DC-DC converters have 4:1 input range

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the GQA120 series of industrial grade DC-DC converters. Rated at 120W output power, the units are available in four robust quarter brick package styles designed for use in a wide variety of applications and environments. These include automated guided vehicles, portable electronics, ruggedised communication equipment, track-side rail and marine navigation systems.

The GQA120 is available in six standard output voltages, 5, 12, 15, 24, 28 and 48V, adjustable up to ±10% via the trim function to accommodate non-standard voltages. The units can operate over a wide 9V to 36Vdc input voltage (18-36Vdc for the 48V model), withstanding a 50Vdc surge for up to one second. The converters have efficiencies of up to 91.5% and can operate with baseplate temperatures between -40°C and +105°C. continue reading »


How to derive additional high power outputs from a single output 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V supply

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 100W i3A series of non-isolated DC-DC converters, packaged in the industry standard 1/32nd brick form factor. These step-down converters are capable of adjustment from either 3.3 to 16.5V or 5 to 30V output and accept an input voltage of 9 to 53V.

The i3A series can be used to derive additional high power outputs from a single output 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V supply, at a much lower cost than traditional isolated DC-DC converters. With efficiencies of up to 98%, these compact converters are ideally suited for use in medical, communications, industrial, test and measurement, broadcast and portable equipment. continue reading »