Class II power supplies used in custom enclosure for home healthcare dialysis equipment

Home healthcare is increasingly used to provide quality treatment outside of hospitals and medical centres. Tests have proven that dialysis procedures are more effective at home as the patient is more relaxed and the treatment can be delivered at lower doses for longer periods. continue reading »


Programmable power supplies used to simulate solar panels for testing satellites

Z+ Series

Satellites have to undergo extensive testing before launch to ensure they operate for many years in orbit. Once deployed, they rely on solar panels to supply power and to charge batteries that are needed when the satellite passes into the earth’s shadow. continue reading »


Introducing the CUS200LD AC-DC power supply with a height of just 31mm

Designed for light industrial, LED signage, broadcast, professional audio, IT and test & measurement equipment, the CUS200LD can deliver up to 120W convection, 150W conduction cooled and 206W peak power.

The CUS200LD is available with nominal output voltages of 5V, 7.5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48Vdc. The series is packaged in a compact low profile enclosure, measuring 160 x 60 x 31mm (L x W x H). All models will start up at -40°C and can operate in ambient temperatures from -20 to +70°C.

To watch the video, which introduces the CUS200LD 200W convection/conduction power supply, please click here.

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Marine certified DIN rail supplies power mega-yacht lighting systems

DRF DIN Rail Power Supplies

The definition of a mega-yacht is one that is privately owned, over 24m long and is staffed by a professional crew. The typical resale value for a second hand yacht is just under €9 million. Energy efficiency, even on a large yacht, is important to minimise loading on the generator(s). LED lighting is now widely used for that reason and also to reduce the vibration failures of incandescent lighting filaments. continue reading »


Five year warranty power supplies used in microalgae food production

LS Series AC-DC Power Supply

Spirulina has been used as a food source by many civilisations and cultures, dating back hundreds of years. The algae is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Propagators are now on the market offering the ability to grow and harvest the product at home. continue reading »


How to use the GENESYS+™ programmable signals

The GENESYS+™ series of programmable power supplies includes two independent auxiliary “open drain” signals that can be programmed by the user to operate external devices. Accessible from the J1 rear panel DB26 connector, these signals have a maximum input voltage of 25Vdc and a maximum sink current of 100mA. Note, a series resistor must be used with the external voltage to limit the sink current.

continue reading »


Introducing the ZWS series of 10-300W PCB type AC-DC power supplies

The ZWS series of 10W to 300W industrial AC-DC power supplies, includes the ZWS-B (10-30W), ZWS-BAF (50-300W), ZWS-BP (150-240W) and ZWS240RC (240W) ranges. Backed by a 5-year warranty, which demonstrates TDK-Lambda’s confidence in product reliability, the broad range of products achieves efficiencies of up to 91%.

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Touchscreen kiosks use power supplies capable of operating in 80°C ambient temperatures

Self-serve kiosks can now be found in many restaurants, retail outlets, hotel lobbies and even local health centres and libraries. They offer the customer the ability to by-pass queues and the operator to offer additional services and upgrades through the use of colourful, high resolution displays. continue reading »


How the intelligent GENESYS+™ design reduces lead-times

The GENESYS+™ series is TDK-Lambda’s latest portfolio of 5kW 1U high programmable power supplies. Initially launched with ten output voltage and current base models from 0 – 10V, 0 – 500A to 0 – 600V, 0 – 8.5A, the design, development and manufacturing team had a mandate to maintain very short leadtimes.

The GENESYS+™ 1U high 5kW programmable power supply continue reading »


Programmable supplies deliver in excess of 50kW power for RF amplifiers

Genesys™ Programmable Power Supply

Microwave radar frequency technology is now being used to profile atmospheric winds. By observing horizontal and vertical wind velocity and direction up to altitudes of 15km, accurate information can be provided to a variety of users including commercial and military aircraft, airports and even parachutists and balloonists. Scientific research can also benefit by being able to track pollution and forecast weather.

For one large scale installation, 32 paralleled RF amplifiers were needed to fully profile an area. The designers, having a relationship with TDK-Lambda, requested a product that could deliver in excess of 50kW with an output voltage of up to 300V. The Genesys™ 3U high, rack mounted 15kW 0-300V programmable power supply was suggested, with a total of 4 in parallel to give the desired output power.

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