Can DRL Din Rail power supplies be connected in parallel?

We know that two DRL series DIN rail power supplies can be connected in series to get a higher output voltage but can they be connected in parallel? Watch this video to find out more.

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What are the key features of CUS30M & 60M Medical AC-DC power supplies?

Here TDK-Lambda’s video provides an overview of the CUS30M and CUS60M AC-DC power supplies. They have full IEC 60601-1 3rd edition medical safety certifications, as well as IEC 60950-1 for ITE (Information Technology Equipment).

The CUS30M and CUS60M are suitable for both Class I and Class II installations, allowing safe operation with and without an earth ground connection. Additional key features of the power supplies are reviewed, including electrolytic capacitor temperatures and how they enhance product field life.

Typical applications for these power supplies include home healthcare, medical, dental, test and measurement, broadcast and industrial equipment.

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5kW 1U programmable DC power supply series extended with five new output configurations

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of five new models to the TDK-Lambda brand 5kW GENESYS+™ series of high power density programmable DC power supplies. This expansion now provides incremental and seamless choices in output voltage and current ranging from 0 10V/500A to 0 600V/8.5A. Initially launched in 2017, the GENESYS+™ provides higher efficiency, improved performance and is functionally compatible with existing TDK-Lambda Genesys™ and Z+ programmable power supplies. The series is suitable for use in a large number of applications, including component, automotive and aerospace testing, semiconductor fabrication, solar array and battery simulation, plating and water treatment.

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Ilfracombe Academy reaches the UK Company of the Year Awards 2018 final

TDK-Lambda UK is proud to have supported Ilfracombe Academy in the Young Enterprise initiative again this year. The ‘Save our World’ team of young entrepreneurs won the local and regional finals to earn their place at the UK finals, which was held in July.

Ilfracombe Academy ‘Save Our World’ Young Enterprise team

The collaborative project between TDK-Lambda, Ilfracombe Academy and the Young Enterprise (YE) initiative started in September last year with year 12 students. They were challenged to come up with a viable business initiative.
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Standby voltage option added to 1000W and 1500W industrial power supplies

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of ten models with a 5V 1A standby voltage option to the TDK-Lambda brand RWS1000B and RWS1500B series of AC-DC industrial power supplies. This new feature is suitable for general industrial, communications, test and measurement and alternative energy applications.

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Long field-life power supplies chosen to power bank note sorting machines


To combat counterfeiting, financial institutions employ high speed scanning systems to check received bank notes to ensure fraudulent currency does not return into circulation. Bank notes that fail the criteria can even be securely shredded. These machines often operate 24 hours a day and have to be highly reliable. continue reading »


Introducing the CUS100ME 100W single-output power supply with medical and industrial approvals

With IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical and IEC60950-1 ITE approvals, the CUS100ME 100W AC-DC power supply is available with 12V to 48V outputs. Efficiency is up to 94%, and off load power consumption is less than 0.5W. Suitable for both Class I and Class II installations, this power supply is ideal for healthcare and general applications.

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Multiple programmable power supplies selected for oncology systems

Genesys™ Programmable Power Supply

Personalising radiotherapy cancer treatment delivers better results as the exact required dose can be placed accurately using shaped beams of radiation. Using high definition radiosurgery, liver, lung, brain and spinal conditions can have precise radiotherapy treatments using oncology systems that reduce side effects and limit normal radiation exposure. continue reading »


100W Class I and Class II 2”x 4” medical and industrial power supplies deliver 75W in an 85°C ambient

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of the 100W rated TDK-Lambda brand CUS100ME series of medical and industrial AC-DC power supplies. The series delivers 75W in ambient temperatures of up to 85°C with just 1m/s airflow, however, with conduction cooling, it can provide full power at up to 70°C. Target markets include home healthcare, medical, dental, test and measurement, broadcast and industrial equipment.

A choice of seven standard output voltages is offered; other voltage settings are available upon request. The input voltage range is 85 to 264Vac, 47 63Hz with the capability of accepting 47 440Hz. Operating efficiencies are up to 94%, with an average efficiency of > 87% and <0.5W no-load power consumption. continue reading »