Convection cooled modular power supply offers up to 4 outputs for medical and industrial use

Available with up to 4 programmable outputs, the CM4 conduction cooled modular power supply is rated at 600W and up to 750W peak power for 5 seconds. The CM4 may also be configured as convection or forced air cooled.

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Teachers visit local power supply manufacturer to gain experience of real-life STEM applications

TDK Corporation is pleased to announce that TDK-Lambda UK is participating in ‘STEM insight’ programmes to host teachers and lecturers from nearby schools and colleges. The initiative aims to increase their awareness of how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects are used in industry and provide experience first-hand about the careers and study routes available to students.

Recent studies have shown that teachers are one of the most important influences on students’ career choices. However, according to research by the Association of Colleges, 82% of teachers feel they lack the necessary knowledge to offer careers advice. “By hosting placements, we can help develop the understanding teachers have of STEM-related careers, ensuring they are better equipped to advise their students about the options available,” explains Anne Sutton, Training and Development Officer at TDK-Lambda UK.

To date the power supply manufacturer has hosted 3 separate visits. Last summer, the company hosted David Davies, an electronics engineering lecturer from Petroc College, its first ‘STEM Insight’ placement. Following the week-long placement, he left enthused with an aim to develop ‘real-life’ project work for his students based on his experiences.

More recently, Robyn Burt, a member of the STEM teaching team at Ilfracombe Academy said that the experience had given her lots of ideas for linking working practices with curriculum delivery. She hopes to build on this experience with plans for further site visits with her students in the pipeline, as well as develop STEM delivery within the school.

The latest visit has been from Mark Holbourn, a mechanical engineering lecturer from Petroc. “Like his predecessors, he experienced a variety of department operations across the business,” says Sutton. “He was particularly interested in our 5S operations and ongoing improvements in this area.” The ‘5S’ methodology is a building block to enable Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing; it refers to the five steps – sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain.

“He was also very interested on the IPC standards of workmanship and the design manuals used as part of our procedures for bringing new products to market,” adds Sutton. “He intends to integrate this into the development of a new BTEC qualification he is working on and share with his colleagues to bring real-life processes into the classroom.”


Bespoke power solution produced for optical 3D measuring machines

Mechanical measuring machines are suitable where a pre-determined set of points is defined. New optical 3D scanners are now available that can rapidly measure millions of dimensions in just a few seconds. This data can be used with 3D modelling to efficiently provide effective quality control. continue reading »


Programmable power supplies for bench top MRIs

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanning has been used in hospitals for many years. The scanners use radio waves and magnetic fields to produce detailed imagery of soft tissue and bones. Now bench top MRIs have been developed to scan a variety of substances ranging from rock cores to fruit and vegetables. As with any image scanning equipment, power supply electrical noise can reduce the image resolution. continue reading »


Introducing TDK-Lambda’s programmable product range

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of programmable power supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications. Standard models range in output power from 200 W to 15 kW. Paralleling enables solutions up to 60kW.

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Low profile 1000W power supplies assist diode-laser manufacturer in offering a compact enclosure size

RFE Single-output 1U front end power supplies

Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (DPSSL) offer high quality beams at high power levels. With the ability to pulse width modulate the output down to a few femtoseconds (one millionth of a nanosecond), these lasers are ideal for scribing, marking, cutting and drilling a variety of materials from glass to gold.
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What are the key specifications of CSW65 series AC-DC power supplies?

The CSW65 series of AC-DC industrial power supplies accepts a very wide 90 to 305Vac input, making it suitable for use with 115, 230 and 277Vac nominal inputs. Target applications include smart building automation, lighting, heating and cooling controllers and secure user access systems for worldwide deployment.

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41mm high 2500W power supply used in ultra-short pulse laser systems

A wide range of materials are now cut and machined using industrial lasers, including metal, wood, plastics, fabrics and ceramics. Where no material change is required, ultra-short pulse lasers are used which can operate with pulse periods in the 10 picoseconds to 100 femtoseconds range. continue reading »


What advantages do i6A 250W non-isolated DC-DC converters offer over isolated modules?

The non-isolated i6A DC-DC converters offer power levels of up to 250W. Traditional isolated converters require a transformer and associated circuitry. As the i6A modules use a simple buck converter topology, the transformer is eliminated, which allows operating efficiencies as high as 98 percent, compared to 95 percent for an isolated converter. This reduces wasted power by 60 percent.

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Automotive power distribution box testers use programmable power supplies for flexibility

As the complexity of automotive electronics continues to grow, the distribution boxes now contain more than just fuses and connector terminals. A variety of relays, both mechanical and electronic, are commonly located in the box. For reliability, quality and safety reasons 100% automated functional testing is required. Programmable power supplies are preferred as they allow the test systems to be used with multiple box types.
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