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Programmable power supplies test sonar system reliability

Posted by David on June 20, 2024

Active sonar emits acoustic pulses and listens for an echo to determine the location of objects in the sea, rivers or lakes. Some systems can remotely map an area, operating autonomously. Others remain in a fixed location to determine the position of marine vessels or even to measure wave height or track fish. As these devices may be difficult to retrieve in the event of a failure, high reliability is essential.

Needing to test a new sonar system thoroughly, a manufacturer decided to utilise the GENESYS+™ series. They purchased two full rack and two half rack models, featuring output voltages ranging from 0-60 to 0-300V, capable of delivering outputs of up to 5000W. The half rack models did not require the display and were delivered with a blanking plate that stops unauthorised adjustment.

The chosen models were all just 1U in height. All models in the five-year warranty series share common programming functions, with built-in LAN, USB, remote isolated analogue, and RS-232/RS-485 interfaces for remote operation. Waveforms can be created and stored for later use in the internal memory.

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