i7C 300W non-isolated DC-DC converters enhanced with adjustable current limit option for parallel operation

Posted by uk on June 11, 2024
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TDK-Lambda’s i7C DC-DC buck-boost (step-up and step-down) non-isolated converter series has been enhanced with an Itrim option. This allows the over-current limit set point to be adjusted using an external resistor.

This function not only reduces stress on the device when overloading may occur due to charging capacitive loads, but it also allows the converters to be operated in constant current or in parallel for higher current applications.

This new function is ideal for generating additional 300W DC outputs from 12, 24, and 48V system voltages in medical, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Industrial Mobile Robots (IMR), drones, industrial, test, measurement, and battery-powered equipment.

With efficiencies of up to 97%, waste heat is reduced, allowing the product to operate and deliver high usable power in demanding thermal environments. When operating under light load conditions, the i7C’s control techniques significantly reduce power consumption. Under zero load conditions, the typical input current for these modules is only 5mA. This can be reduced further to approximately 0.25mA by activating the module’s inhibit function. This lower quiescent current allows battery-powered equipment to remain functional for longer during periods of non-operation.

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