680W to 1000W models added to the CUS-M power supply series

Posted by David on May 23, 2024
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Providing leading power densities of up to 27.2W/cubic inch, the CUS800M and CUS1000M models share a common size of 171 x 85 x 42.5mm (6.73 x 3.35 x 1.67”). The CUS800M provides an output voltage of 12V at 680.4W (800.4W peak) and 800W at 24, 36V and 48V, with the CUS1000M delivering 800W (1000W peak) at 12V and 1000W at 24, 36V and 48V outputs.

As high audible fan noise levels cannot be tolerated in medical, dental, and test and measurement applications, a variable speed fan provides cooling. Noise levels typically measure 30dBA at 20% load and 42dBA at full load.

All models are certified to the medical IEC / EN / ES 60601-1 standards (2 x MoPP input to output), and IEC / EN / UL / CSA 62368-1 for audio/video, information, and communication technology equipment. The input voltage is 85 to 265Vac, with the power supplies capable of  operating at full load with a 90Vac input.

A 5V 2A standby voltage, remote on/off, remote sense, and a ‘power good’ signal are fitted as standard. With efficiencies of up to 95.5%, internal heating is reduced, allowing reliable operation in the compact package size.The series offers a warranty period of five years.

The CUS800M and 1000M can operate in -20oC to +70oC ambient temperatures, derating linearly from 40oC to 60% load at +70oC. The units also comply with EN 55011-B and EN 55032-B conducted and radiated emissions’ standards with a leakage current of <250µA.

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