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Automated laboratory test equipment uses multiple types of power supplies

Posted by David on May 2, 2024

Laboratory testing is becoming increasingly competitive with more companies offering their services. That brings intense cost pressures and a need for a high level of automation. Customisation of the test process is one way of reducing capital requirements to meet the exact needs of the client.

Faced with designing a flexible laboratory test equipment platform, a manufacturer approached TDK-Lambda, requesting a number of suitable products, key functions and output voltages.

The CUS250M-24 and the lower power CUS30M-24 were suggested to provide small amounts of 24V. The 1000W peak power capable 36V CUS350MP-1000-36 was used to drive motors and pumps. 

Due to their high efficiency, low-cost, non-isolated DC-DC i6A and i7C converters were used to provide onboard power. They have flexible, wide-range inputs and outputs, which allows easy adjustment and customisation to suit a number of applications using just one or two part numbers.

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