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Programmable power supplies used to test RF pulse modulators

Posted by David on April 2, 2024

RF (radio frequency) peak power has a wide range of applications, including radiation medical treatment, scientific research, customs cargo inspection, and radar. Large quantities of energy are slowly stored and then instantaneously released in time periods as quick as a nanosecond.

Charging these pulse modulators can require precision programmable power supplies, and the designers needed 10kW at 300V and 15kW at 200V models. Their TDK-Lambda salesperson suggested the GENESYS™ series with a 3-phase 480Vac input, which is now being used in development.

All models in the five-year warranty series share common programming functions. The new GENESYS+™ models have built-in LAN, USB, remote isolated analogue, and RS-232/RS-485 interfaces for remote operation. Waveforms can be created and stored for later use in the internal memory.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of programmable AC-DC power supplies. Please click here for more information.