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250W AC-DC power supply selected for temperature control systems

CUS250M modules
Posted by David on March 7, 2024

A controlled testing temperature is required for many applications, the most demanding being aeronautics and space applications. Because equipment has to reproduce environments down to -75oC with very low air pressures, system reliability is very important to ensure tests can be fully completed without compromising development schedules.

Developers working on a new generation of temperature controllers consulted with their local TDK-Lambda salesperson to source a 250W compact 24V power supply. The product could not have a fan and had to be enclosed with a cover.

The CUS250M-24/A was suggested as it has a cover and features an integral baseplate which allows it to transfer waste heat into a cold plate. This allows the power supply to reliably operate in ambient temperatures as high as +75oC with appropriate derating.

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