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Mass spectrometer design uses 7-year warranty 1500W power supplies

cus1500m power module
Posted by David on February 20, 2024

One popular way to accurately identify unknown, or determine and verify known compounds, is to use a mass spectrometer. By measuring their molecular weight, the structure and chemical properties of the molecules can be identified. The technology in these machines is constantly evolving, with faster throughput being a common objective of manufacturers.

Engineers working on a new, higher speed mass spectrometer design had a power requirement of 1500W at 48V. Having worked with TDK-Lambda on multiple programs in the past, they returned to their local salesperson for guidance. The CUS1500M-48 AC-DC model was suggested and successfully passed their testing.

The CUS model was chosen due to its low audible noise fan, an important aspect for laboratory use, its medical and industrial safety certification, compact size, and seven-year warranty.

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