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Modular IoT gates use AC-DC and DC-DC power modules

Posted by Dulcie on October 31, 2023

IoT (Internet of Things) devices do not have to be connected to the public internet. They can be connected to a secure private network to support industrial customers if required. Applications include exchanging data to improve manufacturing efficiencies and productivity while operating in harsh environments.

A manufacturer looking to power its devices from a 24Vdc bus, a 48Vdc bus or an AC source was looking for reliable, conduction-cooled power supplies. Their distribution partner proposed talking with TDK-Lambda and using products from their expansive power module offering.

The 350W rated PAH350S24-48/T module was selected as it could provide a 350W 48V output from an 18 – 36Vdc source. The AC-DC PFE500SA-48/T power module was used to convert the wide range AC into a 500W 48V output. The modules had the unthreaded mounting holes option for placement inside sealed metal enclosures.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of cold-plate mounting AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, click here for more information.