300W Power Sink option added to the GENESYS+™ 1.7kW and 3.4kW programmable power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on October 3, 2023
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The PSINK option on the GENESYS+™ series is used to reduce automated testing times, by enabling fast down-programming under no-load conditions. After a test is completed, the electronic load module is activated. This rapidly discharges internal and external capacitors connected across the output of the power supply to allow another test to commence immediately.

The option is very suitable for testing automotive DC motors controlled by PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) speed control circuits. These motors, used for adjusting electric windows, seats and mirrors, would normally deliver energy back to their source when rotation is halted. During motor brake testing, the PSINK module quickly dissipates that energy, keeping the power supply output voltage at the desired level.

The PSINK option is capable of absorbing 300W of peak power and 100W continuously. It is available now on the 1U high, 19” rack mount GENESYS+™ 1.7kW and 3.4kW rated units with output voltages of 0-20V, 0-30V, 0-40V, 0-60V and 0-100V. Identical models can be connected in parallel for additional power.

The 1.7kW and 3.4kW models are suitable for zero stack rack mounting, measuring 423mm wide, 441.5mm deep and 43.6mm (1U) high. Cooling is provided by variable-speed fans monitoring the ambient temperature and the output load. Input voltages range from 85 to 265Vac single phase on the 1.7kW rated model, to 170 to 265Vac single phase or 342 to 528Vac three phase on the 3.4kW.

Applications include the testing of batteries, electric vehicle subassemblies, and capacitors. Multiple remote programming methods are available including LAN, USB, RS232 / RS485 and isolated analogue interfaces built in as standard. Interface options include IEEE488, Modbus-TCP, EtherCAT and more,

Software drivers, a waveform creator and a virtual front panel GUI are provided in the software package. Arbitrary waveform test profiles of up to 100 steps can be generated and stored in four memory cells and activated by commands from the communication ports or the front panel controls.

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