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Fast EV battery chargers use long-life power supplies for management functions

Posted by Dulcie on July 4, 2023

Ultra-fast charging is required to get electric vehicles (EVs) back on the road more quickly. The significant amount of energy needed though can put a strain on the local grid infrastructure. Innovative EV charging manufacturers are now incorporating ‘buffer’ batteries in their equipment to reduce peak power demand.

Conscious of reliability, engineers developing an ultra-fast EV battery charger chose TDK-Lambda’s HWS100A-24/A and HWS150A-24/A to power management functions. These required either 100W or 150W at 24V. The HWS-A series of power supplies has a limited lifetime warranty, unique in the industry. Very conservative component temperatures extend field life for enhanced reliability.

The HWS series has a wide selection of models ranging from 15W to 1500W with output voltages from 3.3V to 60V.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of chassis mount industrial AC-DC power supplies, click here for more information.