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Network test equipment uses five output power supplies with no minimum load requirement

Posted by Dulcie on May 16, 2023

During an initial network installation and after any upgrade, it is advised to perform network testing. This can detect hardware or security issues before they have a significant impact and cause downtime. Bottlenecks can also be resolved, resulting in improved data transfer speed.

During the initial development of a new network tester, engineers identified that a 175W power supply with five output voltages was needed: a high current +24V main output, +5V, +/-15V and a 5V standby. Ideally, the power supply should have no minimum load requirements. The alternative would be to use multiple power supplies, which could result in EMI and space problems.

As a preferred supplier, TDK-Lambda was asked for a solution and suggested a standard model from the configurable NV175 series. The NV1-4G5FF-N3 met the requirements, offering AC Fail and DC Good signals, and a remote on/off.

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