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Programmable power supplies chosen for particle accelerator vacuum system

Posted by Chris on March 7, 2023

Particle accelerators are used in almost all fields of medical, industrial and scientific research due to the low levels of contamination. They rely on vacuum systems to remove gas molecules from the beam path. NEG (Non Evaporable Getter) pumps are particularly attractive for these high vacuum (HV) to ultra-extreme high vacuum (UHV-XHV) systems. 

Requiring 5kW power supplies capable of being programmed from 0 to 80V and from 0 to 65A, the engineers at a company involved in vacuum system development called their local TDK-Lambda salesperson. The GENESYS+™ 1U high 5kW G80-65-3P400 programmable power supply was recommended and chosen after reviewing the product specifications. The engineers selected three phase 342 to 460Vac input option.

All GENESYS+™ models are equipped as standard with RS-232, -485, USB, LAN and remote isolated analogue interfaces for programming and monitoring. The low 1U profile utilises less rack height allowing space for other equipment.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of programmable AC-DC power supplies, click for more information.