Tech Tips: What is the remote sense feature on a power supply

Posted by Chris on January 12, 2023
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When a power supply is connected to a load, such as a laser or a ventilator, we can set it to deliver a certain amount of volts. We would naturally expect that the same voltage would appear at the load. This only occurs, however, if the power supply is mounted close to the load.

If the load is some distance away from the power supply, the connecting wires between the power supply and the load are much longer. The long cables will have a higher resistance than short ones, resulting in a voltage drop at the load. If the load is sensitive to such voltage variance, this could unknowingly adversely affect the performance of the end application.

If we connect the remote sense leads to the power supply’s remote sense connectors and the load, the power supply increases its output voltage such that the load receives the required voltage. This happens because the remote sense automatically adjusts the power supply’s output. However, there are limits – typically less than one volt – which are generally detailed in the datasheet. 

In this episode of TDK-Lambda Tech Tips, Chris Maidment, Technical Marketing Manager, TDK-Lambda EMEA looks at remote sense and discusses some do’s and don’ts on how to use the feature.

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