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Vehicle radar simulator uses low acoustic noise modular power supplies

Posted by Chris on January 3, 2023

The radar systems that guide self-driving or driver assisted vehicles require an enormous amount of testing that cannot be performed by software or on a test track. Emulators are now being developed that integrate with HIL (hardware in the loop) systems and provide electrical inputs to the actual sensors.

Engineers familiar with TDK-Lambda’s extensive range of modular power supplies called their Account Manager regarding a requirement for a new radar test simulator. Six individual outputs were needed, five of them 24V, ranging from 300W to 600W each. Two modular QM5 1200W power supplies were suggested, rapidly configured using TDK-Lambda’s Quick Product Finder and quickly delivered.

The high-efficiency QM series has low-speed temperature-controlled fans that generate a low (44dBA) acoustic noise – ideal for an enhanced operator experience. The modular construction avoids the need for minimum loading, present on many multiple output power supplies.

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