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400W peak, convection cooled power supply used in sophisticated lighting controller

Posted by Chris on September 6, 2022

Concert venues, theatres, film sets, TV studios and “Architainment” (building entertainment) now rely heavily on computer controlled LED lighting systems. These provide complex preprogrammed display routines that can be flawlessly repeated when musicians are on tour, or a play is performed nightly over a season.

Like studio recording equipment, audible noise from cooling fans can distract audiences or performers and cannot be tolerated. This can present a challenge as users demand more features and programming capability.

Requiring a compact, fanless (for low audible noise) 12V power supply, a manufacturer of computer controlled lighting systems approached TDK-Lambda for a solution. Ideally, a 250W output power was desired with a peak power capability, standby voltage and remote on/off.

The CUS400M-12/X5 was selected as it can operate without forced air cooling and can conduct waste heat via its baseplate into the system chassis. The product can also provide 400W peak power for up to 30 minutes, rather than just a few seconds. The X5 option met their requirement for a 5V standby voltage and signalling.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of AC-DC power supplies for LED lighting and displays.