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High resolution retinal imaging system utilises convection/conduction cooled power supplies for low acoustic noise

Posted by Chris on August 25, 2022

Doctors using a dilation eye examination only see approximately 15% of the eye, but digital high resolution imaging can expand that to 80%. This allows them to check the retina’s health and detect or prevent issues before they become serious. In addition, these digital images can be stored and used to provide a historical record of the eye.

Engineers working on a next-generation imaging product contacted their local TDK-Lambda salesperson with a requirement for a 300-400W 12V power supply. To reduce acoustic noise, the product could not have a fan or rely on forced air cooling. The unit had to be enclosed and a 5V standby output was needed to store machine parameters when the imaging system wasn’t being used.

The CUS400M-12/AX5 was suggested as it can operate without the need for an earth connection (Class II construction), has a U channel/cover enclosure and can provide a 5V 2A standby. Medical safety certifications, conduction/convection cooling and the ability to deliver peak power clinched the application.

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