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700W modular AC-DC supply powers laser systems for jewellery manufacturing and repair

Posted by Martin on August 4, 2022

Lasers have been used in medical and manufacturing applications for many years. The jewellery sector has, until recently, relied on traditional blowtorch and solder methods. Although lasers have a significant initial investment, jewellers are quickly integrating them into their businesses. A large benefit is that lasers can weld dissimilar metals like gold and platinum and repair items quickly. Designers can view their creation’s progress in 3D on high definition screens and record those images.

Sophisticated laser systems often require multiple voltages, and designers of a jewellery laser were faced with finding a 700W power supply with two 24V outputs, two 16V and a 5V. Their local TDK-Lambda salesperson generated a QM modular series product code from the online Quick Product Finder, and the initial product was rapidly delivered.

The QM series features a variable speed fan with very low acoustic noise, essential for operator comfort, has a seven-year warranty and can be configured to provide up to 18 output voltages!

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of configurable and fixed output AC-DC power supplies for industrial equipment.