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Medical board mount power supply picked for ECG synchronising system

Posted by Dulcie on May 17, 2022

Monitoring patients can create a large amount of data, particularly when an electrocardiogram (ECG) is being used. Not just heart related information, but also when associated equipment like defibrillators and monitors are deployed. This data must be synchronised for optimal storage, analysis and viewing.

Developing a pole or rail mounted synchronising system, Engineers at a medical company required a medically certified 12V 15W power supply. The ability for operating without an earth ground connection was also required for potential home healthcare use.

The TDK-Lambda Account Manager suggested the KMS15A-12 board mounted power supply, being Class II and encapsulated in a plastic case. The KMS-A series is certified to the 60601-1 safety standards and has less than 100mW off-load power consumption to save energy.

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