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Long field life 300W power supplies used in Industrial CO2 lasers

Posted by Dulcie on March 31, 2022

Carbon-dioxide CO2 lasers were some of the first gas lasers to be developed, offering high levels of power. Lower power versions, utilising the same technology, are frequently used for engraving, scribing, cutting and marking. 

Developing a new RF-excited CO2 laser with peak power and a wide pulse frequency capability, a laser manufacturer approached TDK-Lambda for several power supplies, including 300W rated models with 15V and 24V outputs. The local salesperson suggested the RWS300B-15 and RWS300B-24 models which were designed in by the customer.

The RWS-B is designed to provide solid performance at an economical price. Conservative electrolytic capacitor temperatures ensure a long, reliable field life, allowing a seven-year warranty to be offered on the series.

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