Key technical highlights of the i-Series of industrial non-isolated DC-DC modules

Posted by Dulcie on February 22, 2022
Posted in: Products

The i-Series of non-isolated DC-DC converters include the i7A (500-700W, step-down), i7C (300W, step-up/step-down), i6A (250W, step-down) and i3A (100W, step-down) modules.

The multi-footprint of the i-Series covers common basic industry brick pin-out and pin functions, enabling engineers to replace isolated sockets with more cost-effective isolated solutions, thus providing scalable power from 100W up to 750W.

Typical applications for the i-Series include automated guided vehicles (AGVs), DNA analysis equipment, dialysis machines, test & measurement instrumentation, robotics and automation, and drone and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) inventory management solutions.

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