How do I set the OVP, UVL and UVP levels?

Posted by David on January 25, 2022
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To protect voltage sensitive loads, the Z+ series of programmable power supplies have user adjustable set points for the over-voltage protection (OVP), the under-voltage level (UVL) and the under-voltage protection (UVP).

This is achieved through the use of the menu button and the voltage and current encoders. This changes the default setting of +10% for the OVP. The under-voltage level can be set to prevent the output voltage going lower than a level that is desired.  If the load increases and the voltage drops, then the Z+ will remain in constant current limiting. If the undervoltage protection (UVP) is activated then the output will be disabled once the limit is reached.

More information about the Z+ can be found via this link: 

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