CBC analyser uses Class II 110W external medical power supply

Posted by Dulcie on January 4, 2022
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A complete blood count (CBC) is a simple and very common test to check for increases and decreases in the number of red or white blood cells and platelets. A CBC may be ordered to evaluate overall health or to diagnose and monitor an existing condition. Lenses are frequently used in the process, which have to be cleaned. Lens-free imaging models are now being introduced that analyse light passing through the blood sample.

A manufacturer needed an external Class II (no ground wire) 12V medical power supply capable of providing in excess of 100W. TDK-Lambda proposed the 110W rated DTM110-C8, which was designed in.  An initial concern for the customer was the lead-time for pre-production quantities, but an inventory search showed stock in franchised distributors.

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