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Rack mount power supplies used to degauss marine vessels

Posted by Martin on December 14, 2021

As ships and submarines sail across the ocean, their steel hulls become magnetised due to the earth’s magnetic field.  This field can be detected and exploited by another country’s air force or navy. As early as World War II, ship degaussing became commonplace to counter magnetic mines.  To degauss a vessel, it is encircled by copper cables carrying high pulse currents to remove the magnetic field.

Developing a new degaussing system, engineers approached their TDK-Lambda salesperson for 48V output high current power supplies. The HFE2500-48 model was suggested, as up to eight units can be plugged into two 1U HFE racks and paralleled to deliver 19kW.

The power supply /S option was selected to provide a PMBus™ communications interface and terminal block input connectors in place of the IEC320-C20 line cords. 

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