600W peak, convection cooled power supply used in automated neonatal ventilators

Posted by David on December 7, 2021
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Premature babies often suffer from breathing difficulties due to their lungs not being fully developed. Manual monitoring of the inspiratory oxygen though is complex and time-consuming.  Alarmed closed-loop systems are now being introduced that have algorithms to automate the flow of oxygen based on the baby’s condition and airflow demand. Visual displays provide historical data in an easy to read graphical format.

Requiring a small, convection cooled medical power supply (for low audible noise) with a peak power capability, developers of neonatal ventilators selected the TDK-Lambda 24V output CUS600M-24. Capable of providing 400W without airflow, the power supply can deliver a 600W peak for up to 10 seconds. Other features that made the product attractive were its compact 127 x 76.2 x37mm size and the ability to operate without an earth ground connection.

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