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Carbon neutral production improvement uses programmable power supplies

Posted by David on November 16, 2021

Companies with industrial production facilities are reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. The use of renewable energy sources, in conjunction with a high degree of factory automation, is one tactic many are using to become carbon neutral. Partnering with experts in this technology is widely used.

Requiring a number of high quality programmable power supplies for test benches to improve their customer’s process to reduce emissions, engineers turned to TDK-Lambda. 30V, 60V and 600V outputs were needed with power levels as high as 10kW.

The salesperson recommended the GENESYS+™ programmable power supply series. The package chosen for each bench included a 1.5kW 30V, a 2.7kW 60V having a 3-phase 342~528Vac input and 10kW 60V 3-phase 342~460Vac input models with the IEEE interface option for remote programming and monitoring. The customer valued both the product quality and the specification.

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