Introducing the R series noise filters

Posted by David on November 9, 2021
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In this video Chris Maidment, Technical Marketing Manager, introduces the TDK-Lambda’s R series of noise filters.

Noise filters are critical components for end equipment. For most countries, it is a legal requirement for equipment to operate acceptably and safely when exposed to electromagnetic sources and to limit internally generated electromagnetic energy.

One way to ensure compliance is to use an external electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter. Here, TDK-Lambda noise filters offer the best option. The single-phase parts are available for industrial and medical applications, ranging from 0.5A up to 300A, with line voltages up to 250Vac or 250Vdc and leakage currents of 1mA. Low leakage models are available with 10µA of leakage current at 250Vac (60Hz).

The critical components of any filter are the magnetic cores and capacitors. TDK has the necessary expertise to manufacture high-performance EMC attenuating products as a technology leader in both magnetics and capacitors.

Take a look at some of our popular EMC filter ranges.

  • The RSEV single-phase features a one compact case style across the range from 6A to 30A. With no parts to lose, the integrated terminal block has captive screws. There is also an optional bracket for DIN rail mounting.
  • The RSEN single-phase filters are available in small package sizes and a wide choice of ratings, from 3A to 300A, for optimum EMC attenuation. They, too, feature captive screws and integrated terminal covers to ensure no hardware is lost. For added choice, the series is available in DIN rail mount and low leakage versions.
  • With ratings from 3A to 300A, the RSHN single-phase noise filters offer optimum performance and are designed for no lost or dropped hardware. For very high EMC attenuation, they feature a 2-stage filter circuit. They are also available in DIN rail mount and low leakage versions.
  • The RSEL-W single-phase filters feature ratings from 0.5A to 6A and come in a common package size. The low-cost parts provide simple functionality and come with crimp, solder tag or wire terminations. Low leakage models are also available.

Click here to find out more about TDK-Lambda’s R series filters, where you can narrow your search by using our EMC filter parametric and part number search.