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Vds certified fire protection systems incorporate 150W convection cooled power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on September 30, 2021

Fire protection systems require extensive testing and certification to applicable DIN, EN and ISO international standards. This can be achieved through a number of accredited companies including Vds and UL. Often system manufacturers will mandate to suppliers that they are notified of any changes to their products, including components.

A manufacturer of fire protection systems approached TDK-Lambda about the 150W rated CUS150M-24/U power supply. The U channel chassis version, when conduction cooled, requires no external forced air cooling and can provide the full 150W without any derating.

This met their electrical requirements, but the power supply’s bill of material needed to be “frozen” to avoid changes being made. As a supplier to the major medical equipment manufacturers who have similar demands, TDK-Lambda demonstrated it is very familiar with the requirement. A unique part number was allocated which met both the customer and Vds (the certification company) needs.

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