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Wind turbine inverter controller uses AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on September 7, 2021

Wind turbines are now a common sight, generating clean, renewable power. The spinning blades operate a DC generator, which is then converted into AC power by an inverter. This energy can then be used to power homes and businesses. The inverter controller often requires an AC-DC power supply to operate the electronics.

During a cost reduction programme, an older 3 output power supply (mounted in an easy to remove metal enclosure) was replaced by a dual output supply. TDK-Lambda’s engineering utilised the 150W rated 24V output ZWS150BAF-24 and a low-cost non-isolated i6A DC-DC converter, powered from the 24V, to provide 15V. The new solution proved so reliable that the metal enclosure was removed and delivered further cost savings.

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