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Half-rack power supplies provide dual voltages for testing semiconductors

Posted by David on August 31, 2021

The manufacture of automobiles requires compliance with the Automotive Quality Management System Standard, IATF 16949. Like ISO 9001, it provides the standard for continual improvement, defect prevention, and reducing variation and waste. This standard also applies to providers of automotive components, including semiconductors which are subjected to strict testing.

Requiring a number of programmable power supplies for test equipment, an automotive semiconductor manufacturer turned to TDK-Lambda for a suggestion for two power supplies in a 19” 1U high rack. Both were required to be programmable from 0 to 80V with an output power of 1,500W.

The local salesperson showed how two half-rack GH80-19 (80V 19A) GENESYS+™ programmable power supplies could be mounted side by side with the GH-RM adapter kit. The customer accepted the suggestion as it offered a very compact solution.

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