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Technical University uses programmable power supplies for research programme

Posted by David on August 20, 2021

Technical Universities often provide specialised courses in partnership with companies requiring advanced research. This also provides students, upon graduating, a deeper knowledge of a subject and benefits a potential employer. Courses on power electronics are now offered at many educational institutions.

One university, with a department specialising in power electronics, required programmable power supplies for a study into the robustness and reliability of power semiconductors. A 15kW 0V to 20V output was required at around 700A. Ideally, a three-phase 400Vac input was needed.

They contacted their TDK-Lambda salesperson regarding the GENESYS+™ programmable power supply series, who recommended the 3U high GSP-20-750-3P400. This met the researcher’s needs with a 0~20V and 0~750A output and a three-phase input voltage range of 342~460Vac.

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