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Seven year warranty power supplies used in EV charging stations

Posted by Dulcie on July 15, 2021

The demand for electric vehicles is continuing to rise, but a concern for many drivers is the availability, capability and reliability of charging stations. Additional functions are being added to these new chargers, including scalability and load balancing between multiple stations.

Tasked with making a new range of chargers more consumer friendly, designers asked TDK-Lambda for a recommendation for 600W power supplies capable of providing 12V or 24V outputs.  This was to power touch panel displays, communication interface and LED lighting. The units had to be compact and reliable as they were offering a three year warranty on their product.

The RWS600B-12 and RWS600B-24 supplies are now being used by the manufacturer, who valued the seven year warranty, specification and cost effectiveness of the units.

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