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15kW programmable power supplies used to test and burn-in semiconductors

Posted by David on June 25, 2021

The use of high power semiconductors in automotive applications is increasing rapidly, especially as sales of hybrid and electric vehicles gain popularity. This increase in demand, in turn, requires more DC power to test and burn-in the devices. With factory floor space at a premium, equipment manufacturers are under pressure to find power supplies with higher power densities.

Requiring 15kW programmable power supplies capable of providing up to 60V and 250A, engineers turned to their local TDK-Lambda salesperson. The GENESYS+™ GSP60-255-3P400 was proposed. This 3U high product can deliver 0 – 60V with an output current of 0 – 255A and accepts a three-phase input of 342 – 460Vac. Its short lead time helped win the opportunity.

The GENESYS+™ GSP series is equipped as standard with RS-232, RS-485, USB, LAN and remote isolated analogue interfaces for programming and monitoring. Other features include an arbitrary waveform generator and programmable slew rate control.

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