Protecting Nature and Biodiversity

Posted by Hannah on June 4, 2021
Posted in: News

We use a variety of metals and oxides as raw materials to create our products. Mineral ore and other sources are mined all over the world to produce these. However, mining for ore carries the risk of environmental damage, such as landscape destruction, deforestation, changes in the water table, and other possible ecosystem effects.

We can’t just stop using raw materials as component manufacturers, but we can try to mitigate the negative effects. Not only do we actively promote raw material resource conservation by improving production efficiency, but we also participate in activities that protect forest resources, water resources, and other natural resources.

All TDK employees are aware of the impact of their work on the environment. We think about how business operations affect the environment and work to preserve a diverse global environment. Employees are required to consider contributions to ecosystems and take proactive action at all times, according to the TDK Environmental Charter, which was revised in April 2018.

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