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Mass spectrometers use six output 700W modular power supplies

Posted by Martin on May 20, 2021

Mass spectrometers are mainly used to accurately identify unknown or verify existing compounds. This is done by measuring the weight (mass) of different molecules within a sample. One use of this technique is to detect impurities in samples and is often performed as a continuous operation in industrial process environments.

Developing a mass spectrometer capable of testing multiple samples at once, engineers required six 24V and 30V outputs with output power levels ranging from 120 to 300W. TDK-Lambda proposed a QM5 modular power supply with two dual and two single modules in a compact 700W 127mm wide package. A sample unit was quickly configured and delivered from the local factory.

The QM series was preferred as it offers a very low audible noise, ideal for operation in process development laboratories. The product’s seven-year warranty also was attractive for a low cost of ownership.

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