What functionality is provided by the PFH500F 500W AC-DC power module?

Posted by David on March 4, 2021

This video details the enhanced functionality of the PFH500F AC-DC power module compared to the previous generations.

The PFH series has PMBus™ communications, remote on/off, a 12V standby voltage, a power good signal and an optional droop mode current share.

The PMBus supports 122 addresses and 22 commands, and has several functions that have both read and write capability. This includes the output voltage, output over-voltage and over current set points, with programming of the over temperature limit. These values can be pre-set at the factory upon request.

During operation, the output current, input current, input voltage and the internal temperature of the module can be monitored, remotely if desired. Manufacturing data can also be read back.

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