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Production equipment for DNA analysers uses 1000W AC-DC power supply

Posted by Martin on January 15, 2021

Electronics manufacturing service companies offer a broad spectrum of services to suit high volume or high mix customers. Production systems are designed and built for many industries, from automotive to medical.

Developing a system for a manufacturer of DNA analysers, engineers required a high quality 1000W AC-DC power supply with a 5V standby voltage, reverse airflow and a low audible noise fan. TDK-Lambda met their demands with a variant of the RWS1000-24/SRF 24V 48V product.

The industrial-grade RWS-B series is designed to provide solid performance at an economical price, backed by a seven-year warranty. Output power levels are available from 50 to 1,500W with outputs ranging from 5 to 48V.

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