You could be closer to a DC-DC converter than you think

Posted by David on January 12, 2021
Posted in: Products

DC-DC converters play a vital role in a wide variety of applications, from portable electronic equipment – such as smart phones and laptops – to robots, drones, solar arrays and wind turbines.

The recently introduced i7A series of 33A 500W rated non-isolated, step-down converters can be used to derive additional high-power 33A and 45A outputs from a single 24V, 36V or 48V AC-DC or DC-DC power source. Packaged with the industry-standard 1/16th brick pinout, the compact product has a wide output adjustment range of 3.3V to 18V or 3.3V to 24V, enabling it to support multiple system voltages. Therefore, it is suited for medical, communications, industrial, test and measurement, broadcast and portable battery-powered equipment.

With efficiencies of up to 98%, internal losses are kept to a minimum, allowing the i7A to operate in ambient temperatures of -40°C to +125°C, even with low airflow conditions. The high efficiency also prolongs battery life as less power is consumed. Its design provides low output ripple and excellent dynamics response under sudden load changes. And its low component count with few external components, compared to discrete solutions, saves cost, weight and printed circuit board space.

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