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Shipborne communication systems use redundant, hot-swap power supplies

Posted by Martin on December 4, 2020

Marine vessels sailing in remote ocean areas require high power, highly reliable radio systems for communication, with transmitter power levels measuring several kW. The potential downtime of these radios is reduced through the use of modular or plug-in components, facilitating immediate repair during long sea voyages.

Tasked with redesigning a shipborne transmitter, engineers contacted TDK-Lambda for their 10kW 48V power supply requirement. The HFE series was selected, as up to four 2500W power supplies can be easily plugged into its 19” rack. The HFE units have load share functionality and can be replaced even when the system is operating. The PMBus™ communication option was also selected, along with screw terminal blocks on the rack for secure wiring connections.

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