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30W power supply modified for small wastewater treatment plants

Posted by Martin on August 21, 2020

Many rural residences and facilities are not connected to the urban wastewater treatment networks, relying on localised solutions. Legislation often requires that the wastewater is treated for reuse. Some systems can even be monitored remotely via the internet for optimised service intervals.

A wastewater treatment manufacturer liked the TDK-Lambda 30W CUS30M-24/P 24V power supply as it offered an option to be pc board mounted. This eliminates a wiring harness and cuts installation costs. Although the power supply can operate safely without an earth ground wire, the system required a grounding terminal. TDK-Lambda’s engineering team developed a simple modification to fit a screw-in solder pin, providing a secure earth connection for the customer’s application.

More information about the CUS30M single output power supplies can be found on the datasheet.

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