How can I program the voltage and current for GXE600 programmable power supplies?

Posted by Martin on August 19, 2020

The RS-485 interface on the GXE600 series of 600W programmable AC-DC power supplies can be used to programme the desired voltage and maximum current with commands or by using the graphical user interface. The interface also provide access to other programming and monitoring functions. Here, the GXE600 series power supplies can also indicate the estimated remaining electrolytic capacitor lifetime, operating run-time and alarm history to enable remote preventative maintenance indication or fault finding. The protection and recovery parameters can also be set, as can the rise time slew rate.

If a communications interface is not available, an external 6V source can be used for basic programming and monitoring instead.

The diagram above shows the external programming voltage (PV) adjusting the output voltage from 20% to 120% of a nominal 24V or 48V output. Current is adjustable from 20% to 100%. 

More information about the key features and specifications are on the GXE600 series datasheet found via this link:

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