How do I operate the GXE600 programmable power supplies in Constant Voltage / Constant Current mode?

Posted by Martin on June 24, 2020
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The GXE600 series of single output 600W programmable power supplies can operate in the shaded area of the diagram below.

As an example, consider a constant current battery charging application that requires a maximum float voltage of 28V and a constant current charge rate of 15A. The output voltage should be set to 28V, using the output voltage potentiometer, RS-485 interface or an external 0 to 6V source. The current limit point would be set to 15A using the RS-485 interface or external 0-6V source. With the power supply connected to the battery, a 15A charge current would flow as the battery is charged. The battery voltage would gradually rise until it reaches 28V – at which point the charge current will drop to zero.

The GXE600 battery charging characteristics can be programmed and monitored using the downloadable GUI or LabVIEW® – both graphical and manual views are available.

If another battery type needed to be charged, the output float voltage and charge current could be adjusted as required using the RS-485 interface or external voltage sources.

More information about the key features and specifications are on the GXE600 series datasheet found via this link:

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