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Power supply delivers 480W peak to vacuum pumps during container testing

Posted by Martin on June 9, 2020

Vacuum pumps are used in many applications, including container closure integrity testing. A poor seal on a pharmaceutical product container can result in shortened shelf life, reducing the drug’s effectiveness. Testing under low air pressure conditions can verify that there will be no ingress of moisture or oxygen into the packaging.

One vacuum pump manufacturer required an alternative power supply source, but stipulated that the new product had to be a drop in replacement. TDK-Lambda proposed the ZWS240BP-24 single output AC-DC power supply with an adapter board and cabling, developed by their Power+ Solutions modified standards product team. Capable of delivering 240W continuously, or 480W peak, the highly reliable ZWS-BP series is ideal for use in pump applications.

Click here for more information about the ZWS-BP series, including a datasheet, an installation manual and a practical video.

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