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QM modular AC-DC power supplies deliver the right power to interactive touchscreens on rail ticket machines

Posted by Martin on April 21, 2020

Large touch screen, self-service ticket machines are replacing standard ticket machines in a railway station to simplify the planning and purchasing of tickets. Without the limitations of the usual small display, journey planning is made easier with integrated current running time information and video assistance. Additionally, the revenue stream gained through displaying advertisements on screen is also a major attraction to the vendor.

Tasked with developing a series of new interactive touch screen ticket machines, engineers were looking for power supplies that could deliver 300 to 600W with 12V and 24V outputs. However, in some display configurations, a low power 5V was also needed.

Their local TDK-Lambda salesperson suggested the 800W QM5 series of modular power supplies. One part number was configured with 12V and 24V output modules, and a second part with an extra module fitted for the 5V output.

The high efficiency QM series offers very low audible noise, short lead-times and is backed with a 7-year warranty for lower cost of ownership. More information about QM 5 series of modular power supplies can be found by downloading the datasheet.

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