Do CUS1500M AC-DC power supplies have medical approvals?

Posted by Martin on April 16, 2020

The safety standard IEC 60601-1 covers basic safety and essential performance of electrical equipment for the medical industry. TDK-Lambda’s CUS1500M series of single output AC-DC power supplies has been certified to the 3rd edition, made mandatory in 2012 for Europe and 2013 for North America. In this video TDK-Lambda highlights how the 1500W rated CUS1500M complies with three aspects of that standard.

The power supplies have full MoPPs (Means of Patient Protection) isolation, 2kVac input to ground (1 x MoPP), 4kVac input to output (2 x MoPP) and importantly 1.5kVac (1 x MoPP) output to primary earth. Having 1 x MoPP for output to primary earth assists designers of medical devices requiring a BF rating – Body (of the patient) Floating, by simplifying their design and reducing risk.

Earth leakage current is the amount of current that flows out of the power supply via the earth ground connection. Medical equipment has tighter restrictions than industrial, just 500µA for the whole system. The CUS1500M leakage current is less than 200µA at 265Vac input, 50Hz, giving the designer sufficient margin for additional parts that may produce leakage current. More stringent immunity standards for medical equipment, particularly with regard to the growing use of home healthcare, have been introduced. The CUS1500M is compliant to the latest version of IEC 60601-1-2, edition 4. This standard covers input surges, transients and line dips along with tolerance to RF signals and radiated EMI.